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Theo Raedschelders

Personal information

My coordinates

  • Address: Vrije Universiteit Brussel
    Department of Mathematics
    Pleinlaan 2
    B-1050 Brussels
  • Office: 6G322b
  • E-mail: Theo.Raedschelders@vub.be
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Research interests

Noncommutative algebraic geometry, representation theory, homological algebra

Papers & preprints

  • The Frobenius morphism in invariant theory
    joint with Špela Špenko and Michel Van den Bergh
    arXiv: 1705.01832
  • Non-split Severi-Brauer varieties do not admit full exceptional collections
    arXiv: 1605.09216
  • Derived categories of noncommutative quadrics and Hilbert schemes of points
    joint with Pieter Belmans
    arXiv: 1605.02795
  • A reduction theorem for tau-rigid modules
    joint with Florian Eisele and Geoffrey Janssens
    arXiv: 1603.04293
  • The representation theory of noncommutative O(GL2)
    joint with Michel Van den Bergh
    to appear in Journal of Noncommutative Geometry
    arXiv: 1509.03869
  • The Manin Hopf algebra of a Koszul Artin-Schelter regular algebra is quasi-hereditary
    joint with Michel Van den Bergh
    Adv. Math. 305 (2017), 601-660.
    arXiv: 1509.03157
  • Embeddings of algebras in derived categories of surfaces
    joint with Pieter Belmans
    Proc. Amer. Math. Soc. 145 (2017), no. 7, 2757-2770.
    arXiv: 1501.04197


  • Manin's universal Hopf algebras and highest weight categories
    Slides for a general audience talk on my PhD thesis
  • Koszul algebras from Frobenius splitting
    Notes for my talk at the BIREP Summer School on Koszul Duality (August 2015)
    Notes (by Philipp Lampe)



  • WPO Algebra´sche Meetkunde, 3BA Wiskunde VUB+UA
  • WPO Ring- en moduultheorie, 2BA Wiskunde


  • WPO Lineaire Algebra, 1BA Chemie + Geografie
  • WPO Algebra´sche Meetkunde, 3BA Wiskunde VUB+UA
  • WPO Ring- en moduultheorie, 2BA Wiskunde


  • WPO Aanvullingen Lineaire Algebra, 1BA Wiskunde
  • WPO Analyse II, 2BA Wiskunde
  • WPO Differentiaalmeetkunde, 2BA Wiskunde


  • Theorie + WPO Calculus I, Clinics
  • WPO Calculus I, 1BA Biologie
  • WPO Analyse II, 2BA Wiskunde
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