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Don't hesitate toany questions, relevant comments or feedback


Q: What if I have a problem understanding course material or assignment guidelines ?

A: Ask for clarifications as early as possible! Ask for explanations during class break or after class hours, e-mail your questions or make an appointment.

Q: What if I have an unexpected problem making it to an appointment?

A: Make sure to inform me in time! Send an e-mail or warn the secretary's office (02 6292533)

! In turn, always check your email a couple of hours before an appointment, as last minute changes may occur.


Q: When should I turn in my assignments?

A: Turn in your papers and assignments at indicated dates during class time (unless otherwise specified, see course info at this site or on PointCarré). By (motivated) exception, papers can be turned in on appointment or according to an individualized schedule (in this case, send a confirmation email when turning in your assignment).

Q: How should I turn in my assignments?

A: Always turn in your papers and assignments in print (see guidelines on PointCarré).

! Always keep a fully identical print copy of your assignment as handed in.

Q: How do I know how assignments will be graded & counted toward the final grade?

A: Respective contributions of different examination parts, including assignments, are communicated during the introductory class and remain available on web/pointcarré throughout the semester. Specific grading criteria per assignment are made known along with the assignment guidelines according to the semester planning (see PointCarré). Don't hesitate to ask for any needed clarification!

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