Belnet Workgroup Information Systems (WG-IS) meeting April 22 1999

Present: Patrick Vanouplines, Michel Debar, Peter Van Rossem (chair), Pieter Liefooghe, Eric Luyten, Jean-Marc Verbergt, Jan Torreele, Alain Vander Velde, Paul Borgermans, Herman Van Uytven

Excused: Paul Nieuwenhuysen, Wim Holemans, Olivier Vandenput

1. Review by the workgroup of the project 'Catalogue of the Belgian Internet Landscape' (See

Pieter Liefooghe gave an overview of the changes and additions to the project. At present the catalogue contains:

Future plans:

A 7 pages paper about the project can be obtained from Pieter Liefooghe (

Pieter reported also that the site has around 5000 hits/day, while the site is not yet announced at a wide scale.

Since the first registrations were made semi-automatically, there can be some errors with geographical location or categorisation of a web site, but Belnet (and other) sites will be asked to review or add registrations of web sites.

Belnet/DWTC asked to rework the 'About' page.

The workgroup is very satisfied with the results of the project.

2. Review of project PISA (Providing Information about Internet Security Aspects)

Herman Van Uytven reported that due to shortage of personnel PISA started later than planned. One topic (Privacy of E-mail) was taken as an example of how the PISA web site would look like. The workgroup agreed with the way of working: a technical description of the problem, and a 3 level juridical answer:

Since some juridical answers raised new questions, or because some topics were not answered clear enough, the workgroup proposes to start a mailing list to discuss these questions and answers.

The results of the juridical answers to 'Privacy of E-mail' mean that most computing centers, postmasters, system administrators and help desks do illegal things in their daily work. Therefore two suggestions were made:


Jean-Marc Verbergt introduced a project to have a global Belgian directory based on LDAP, which is also integrated with the European nameflow project. A web interface to the directory is available at or At present UA is the only connected university. Since at many places LDAP becomes the standard directory, and because with LDAP it would be very easy to search for people, such a project would be very useful for the Belnet community.

K.U.Leuven reported they have an internal LDAP directory, but that they are at present afraid to open it to the outside world for two reasons:

It was decided that:

For more information it is possible to contact Jean-Marc Verbergt.

4. Biodiversity resources database

Alain Vander Velde gave a demonstration of this project started by the workgroup biodiversity. The workgroup was impressed by the results, the database is an important source of information for people working in this field.

5. News from Belnet

6. Election of a new chairman

Peter Van Rossem was re-elected as chairman of the workgroup, Paul Borgermans was re-elected as vice-chairman.

Belnet Workgroup for Information Servers - 4 May 1998
Report written by: Herman Van Uytven
Maintainer: Peter Van Rossem