Report of fourth Belnet Workgroup on Informationsystems meeting

Date: May 23rd, 1995

Place: DWTC/SSTC Wetenschapsstraat 8, 1040 Brussel / Rue de la Science 8, 1040 Bruxelles


Hans Arents, Bernd Feyen, Wim Holemans, Nils Meulemans, Anne-Mie Vandermeeren, Patrick Van Ouplines, Peter Van Rossem, Herman Van Uytven, Viviane Vermeiren

Present from Belnet SST

Peter Raeymaekers (afternoon)


Lode De Raedt, Omer D'Hondt, Xavier Gillo, Paul Nieuwenhuysen, Geert Peeraer

Table of contents

  1. Introduction new members
  2. Report of previous meeting
  3. Review Agenda
  4. Reports of conferences
  5. Belnet status
  6. Work package 1: Information servers
  7. Work package 2: Search tools
  8. Work package 3: Subject lists
  9. Other items and next meeting

1. Introduction new members

Bernd Feyen from RUCA has joined the workgroup. Welcome Bernd.

2. Report of previous meeting

No report was available. Peter Van Rossem will contact Michel Debar and ask him to send the report of the morning of the previous meeting to Nils. Nils will make the report of the afternoon.

Peter Van Rossem will send the reports from old meetings to Geert Peeraer.

Report of this meeting will be made by Peter Van Rossem. A secretary will be chosen at the start of each meeting.

3. Review agenda

4. Reports of conferences

Darmstadt: Wim Holemans

AusWeb 95: Nils Meulemans

The conference was special in such a way that the participants were asked to read the papers before the actual conference. A selection of items then was chosen from the papers to be discussed in group, under the guidance of a moderator.

The problem was that not all participants had read the paper, so the writer of the paper was asked to give a very short resume of the paper itself before being discussed.

However, the selection of topics was as such that mostly the usual items were being discussed.

Future developments in hypertext are

User Committee: Nils Meulemans

All User Committees held thus far only discussed the preparation of the next User Forum. The date has been set to September 13th 1995, but no actuals plans are determined; possibilities include a panel discussion, an presentation of each Belnet workgroup and demonstrations on several topics. Further details are currently unknown.

As the meetings of the User Committee only handle topics that are not too relevant to the activities of the workgroup(s), this workgroup has decided that no representative of the workgroup will be sent to the User Committee until discussions in the UC will be better determinated and more relevant.

5. Belnet status

Peter Raeymaekers explains The workgroup has expressed their wish to develop a more functional Belnet home-page, as for instance it is current quite difficult to find the home-pages of the workgroups. Bernd Feyen has been asked to make a proposal, and add this one to the home-page of the WG-IS.

Wish list of the workgroup:

6. Work package 1: Information servers

Australian Registration Program

As Nils pointed out before this meeting, an Australian Registration Program has a quite sophisticated manner of registering WWW sites (and others), with a very ingenious program behind it. For an example, see

Nils also contacted the authors to find out if the software is more publicly available. The answer being positive, we await the reception of the program to use it for our national registration of WWW sites (and others).

The program will first be set up as a test, but if it functions correctly, it will be installed on a Belnet server, and the registration can be done at Belnet.

The question was raised how the program behaves with wildcards. This will be tested once the software has been installed.

Also, the Belgian map will be abandoned if the software runs properly. Sites will be divided into categories (academic sites, internet providers, computer manufacturers, ...).

Status of the WG-IS home page

Peter Van Rossem will send the reports of the previous meetings to Geert Peeraer who is managing the WG-IS home-page.

7. Work package 2: Search tools

Status of the WWKUL WWW Index and search system

A Veronica dataset is available at the K.U.Leuven (gopher). Experiences are that the usage is limited, and mostly to search for WWW documents.

Search engines in general

Lycos has been sold

8. Work package 3: Subject lists

Nils will examine the existing subject lists he knows of, and make a summary. Members of the workgroup are asked to send the subject lists they know of to Nils.

9. Other items and next meeting

Changes in the function description of the chairman of the workgroup

Up till now, the chairman of the workgroup would represent the workgroup in the user committee. As previously pointed out, the discussions in the UC not being to the point, the chairman has been released of this duty. Any member of the workgroup can volunteer to attend a meeting of the UC.

Renewal of the chairman/vice-chairman of the workgroup

The one-year period has elapsed. Nils Meulemans has accepted a new 2-year period of chairman, Peter Van Rossem will remain vice-chairman.

Next meeting of WG-IS

The next meeting of the workgroup will be held on August 29th, 1995 at Belnet. Start of time will be 9:30.

A suggestion has been made to have a meeting with the other workgroups. Nils will contact them and see if they are interested.

Updated: August 2nd, 1995