Ice sheets play a central role in the Earth's climate system. On the one hand, they steer important processes in the atmosphere, the oceans and the lithosphere (by means of changes in albedo, global circulation, meltwater production, ice loading, etc.....). On the other hand, changes in continental ice volume have a direct influence on the world-wide level of the oceans. Additionally, the present-day ice sheets contain a unique archive about global changes in the past. In this respect, numerical modeling of ice sheets and glaciers provides a powerful tool to simulate and predict their behaviour under different climatic conditions and to better understand the mechanisms and causes responsible for these changes.

The emphasis of the research is on the enhancement, refinement, and further application of large-scale three-dimensional time-dependent thermomechanical continental ice-sheet models, including ice shelves, bedrock adjustment and climatic components.

Below you will find some pictures illustrating my work.

Antarctic ice sheet modeling

Greenland ice sheet modeling

Northern hemisphere ice sheet modeling

Current projects

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