Ice Sheet Model Intercomparison Project


ISMIP (Ice Sheet Model Intercomparison Project) arose from the Numerical Experimentation Group of CliC (Climate and Cryosphere - a core project of the World Climate Research Programme co-sponsored by the Scientific Committee on Antarctic Research).

ISMIP aims to produce a new set of model intercomparison exercises to test the current generation of ice flow codes. It is a follow-up to the EISMINT phases I and II, which activity inspired much of the ice-sheet model development during the nineties in laboratories worldwide.

New model setups have now been prepared for higher-order flow models (HOM), Heinrich-type of ice-sheet instabilities (HEINO), polar ice sheet models (POLICE), and marine ice sheet models (MISMIP).


There exist new descriptions for 4 intercomparison topics, each of which is coordinated by the person(s) mentioned in brackets:

Time table

A first discussion meeting for ISMIP-HOM and ISMIP-HEINO took place during the EGU General Assembly 2007 in Vienna

A further discussion meeting for ISMIP exercises is envisaged to take place during EGU 2008


Interested participants are kindly requested to send an E-mail to the respective topic coordinator and to Philippe Huybrechts. That will help to create a mailing list for further announcements.

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