This website was developed for Phase II of the Model Intercomparison Activity, as organised within the framework of EISMINT (European Ice Sheet Modeling INiTiative). The objective of this activity was to test and compare existing numerical ice-sheet, ice-shelf, and glacier models as they were run by several groups worldwide, in order to narrow down uncertainties and to enable participating groups to upgrade their own models.

For Phase II, a new series of experimental setups was developed, aiming at comparing the performance of models under real-world situations and under much more challenging conditions than was the case during previous workshops held in Brussels (1993) and in Bremerhaven (1994).

The results of the Phase II experiments were discussed during a three-day workshop, organized in October 1997 in Grindelwald (Switzerland).

The intercomparison descriptions are still available. Some of the benchmark results have been published and are also available from this page further below.


There exist descriptions for 5 intercomparison topics, each of which was coordinated by the person mentioned in brackets:


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