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Welcome to my homepage,

I am lecturer in geomorphology and natural hazards within the Department of geography of the Vrije Universiteit Brussel. I holds a Master in Geography from the University Catholique de Louvain, Belgium, and a PhD in Geology from Ghent University, Belgium.
I currently lead a research group in volcanology, geomorphology and natural hazards , supervising several PhD and post-doc researchers. Ours research focuses on:

  • The geomorphology and spatial distribution of volcanic edifices,
  • The effect of volcano-related instability and erosion processes on volcanic morphologies,
  • Monitoring and assessing hazards in active volcano-tectonic regions of Africa.
  • Landslide hazards, impact and risk management.
  • Vulnerability of population facing natural hazards and risk management policies.

I recently broadened my research interests to the study of the management and communication of land degradation, geological and coastal risks and the build up of resilience within local communities facing these risks in developing countries.

Our research combines observations from DEM and remote sensing analysis with analogue experiments and field observations. All our case studies concentrates on developing countries, mostly in Central Africa.

Download my Curriculum Vitae and my List of publications.


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