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B. Sc., B.A., M.Sc., M.Phil., PhD

Karin Verelst is a scientist (Molecular Biology) who turned to history and philosphy of science. Her areas of interest include ancient mathematics, early modern natural philosophy and the foundations of mathematics, the structural charaterisation of causal theories using category theory, the logico-algebraic approach to the foundations of quantum mechanics.

Another area of interest concerns the relevance of problems dealt with in Ancient philosophy for present-day foundational debates. These problems should always be studied from the original sources, not just from later - already biased - interpretations. A case in point is the "deictic" nature of Zeno's paradoxes, which leads to a straightforward interpretation of all paradoxes as variants of the same basic argument, as required by the testimonia, something hitherto not accounted for in the standard literature.

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Some of her papers are available for downloading at the arXives: http://arxiv.org/ and http://philpapers.org/
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Associate professor of Mathematics at Vesalius College


Researcher at Vrije Universiteit Brussel
Onderzoeksgroep Fundamenten der Exacte Wetenschappen/Research Group Foundations of the Exact Sciences (FUND)
(Until 2012 part of Departement Wiskunde/Department of Mathematics)

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