Session I: Regularized total least squares

09h00-09h45 G. Golub, Matrices and moments: perturbation for least
09h45-10h30 A. Beck, The regularized total least squares problem
11h00-11h30 D. Sima, Level choice in truncated total least squares
11h30-12h00 A. Watson, Robust counterparts of errors-in-variables problems

Session II: Nonlinear measurement error models

13h30-16h15 C.-L. Cheng, On the conditional score and corrected score estimation in nonlinear ME models
16h15-15h00 H. Schneeweiss, Comparing the efficiency of structural and functional methods in ME models
15h30-16h00 Shalabh, On the estimation of linear ultrastructural model when error variances are known
16h00-16h30 G. Garg, Consistent estimation of regression coefficients in ME model under exact linear restrictions

Session III: Numerical methods for total least squares

08h30-09h15 Z. Strakoš, Bidiagonalization as a fundamental decomposition of data in linear approximation problems
09h15-10h00 Å. Björck, A band Lanczos algorithm for least squares and total least squares problems
10h30-11h00 X.-W. Chang, Minimal backward perturbations for data least squares problems
11h00-11h30 D. Titley-Peloquin, Characterizing matrices consistent with given approximate solutions
11h30-12h00 M. Schuermans, On the equivalence between TLS and maximum likelihood principal component analysis

Session IV: Geometric fitting

13h30-14h30 K. Kanatani, Hyperaccuracy for geometric fitting
14h30-15h15 I. Markovsky, Low-rank approximation and its applications for data fitting
15h15-16h00 A. Kukush, Estimation in a multivariate errors-in-variables model with unknown noise variance ratio

Session V: Total least squares applications in computer algebra

16h30-17h00 L. Zhi, An STLS algorithm for approximate greatest common divisors of multivariate polynomials
17h00-17h30 J. Winkler, Structured matrix methods for the computation of rank reduced Sylvester matrix

Session VI: Errors-in-variables system identification

08h30-09h30 T. Söderström, Errors-in-variables methods in system identification
09h30-10h15 R. Guidorzi, Some issues on errors-in-variables identification
10h30-11h00 J. Linden, Model-based control in the errors-in-variables framework
11h00-11h30 R. Pintelon, Frequency domain maximum likelihood estimation of linear dynamic EIV models
11h30-12h00 J. Schoukens, Identifiability analysis for errors-in-variables problems

Session VII: Total least squares applications in signal processing

13h30-16h15 A. Yeredor, On the role of constraints in system identification
16h15-15h00 R. Vaccaro, Optimal parameter estimation from shift-invariant subspaces
15h00-15h45 L. De Lathauwer, Principal component, independent component and parallel factor analysis
15h45-16h30 J. Ramos, Applications of TLS and related methods in the environmental sciences