Frank Pattyn

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I never had much interest in the piano until I realized that every time I played, a girl would appear on the piano bench to my left and another to my right.

- Duke Ellington

Recording at Karl's studio, 2013
In my spare time I play the piano. I followed 10 years of classical piano and 2 years of classical harmony at the Music Academy of Alsemberg. After my university studies I became attracted to jazz and I followed a course at the Jazz Academy of Overijse during several years (jazz theory, harmony and ensemble). I regularly play with Bob (bass) and Karl (guitar), most of the time just playing for fun (called practising). Only occasionally we do a gig.

Besides playing music as well as composing, I listen a lot, mainly jazz and classical music. Friends know what Bill Evans means to me. Not only is he the greatest musician ever, he invented modern jazz piano, is an improvisor beyond words, and yes, he is my guru.

I also read a lot, both fiction and non-fiction, or with the words of Yoshida Kenko in his Tsurezuregusa (Essays in Idleness): "The pleasantness of all diversions is to sit alone under the lamp, a book spread out before you".

And in order to stay healthy, I try to run and cycle (road cycling) as much as possible.