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Florian Eisele

Postdoc with Eric Jespers

Personal information

My coordinates

  • Address: Vrije Universiteit Brussel
    Pleinlaan 2
    B-1050 Brussels
  • Office: 6G322 B
  • Phone: +32 2 629 34 74
  • E-mail: feisele@vub.ac.be
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Research interests

I'm interested in the representation theory of finite groups and (more generally) orders. I'm currently also thinking about questions involving arithmetic properties of group rings (e. g. unit groups of such rings, and ideals) rather than merely representation theoretic properties. Up until now I worked mainly with group rings over the p-adic integers (considering such questions as, for example, to which degree such a ring is determined by the modular group algebra). Lately however I also started looking at group rings defined over the integers.


Papers & preprints
  • Basic Orders for Defect Two Blocks of ZpSn, Communications in Algebra, Volume 42, Issue 7, 2014, journal/arXiv
  • p-Adic Lifting Problems and Derived Equivalences, J. Algebra 356 (1), 2012, p. 90-114, journal/arXiv
  • The p-adic group ring of SL2(pf), J. Algebra, available online 4 March 2014, journal/arXiv
  • On the IYB-property in some solvable groups, Archiv der Mathematik, October 2013, Volume 101, Issue 4, pp 309-318, journal/arXiv
  • Describing units of integral group rings up to commensurability (joint with A. Kiefer and I. Van Gelder), J. Pure Appl. Algebra, volume 219, 2015, no. 7, 2901–2916, journal/arXiv
  • Blocks with a generalized quaternion defect group and three simple modules over a 2-adic ring, preprint, 2015, arXiv


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