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Department of Mathematics

Vrije Universiteit Brussel

Head of Research Group AATO

    Eva Colebunders
    Vrije Universiteit Brussel
    Departement of Mathematics (Vakgroep Wiskunde)
    Pleinlaan 2
    1050 Brussels
    Tel: + 32 2 629 34 86
    E-mail: evacoleb@vub.ac.be
  Research Topics
  • Topological constructs and function spaces.
  • Metrically generated theories, approach spaces, convergence theory, lax algebraic theories.
  • Theory of completions and extensions.
  • Domain theory
  Research Projects
  • FWO research project "A categorical approach to compactness and completeness" 2004-2006 (with R. Lowen UA)
  • FWO research project "Metrically generated theories" 2005-2010 (with R. Lowen UA)
  • BWS04/07 research project "The categorical study of quantified and non-symmetric mathematical structures and their applications to analysis, topology and order" (Spokesman M. Sioen, Co-promotors E. Colebunders, H.P. Kunzi)
  • FWO Wiskunde Onderzoeksgemeenschap , Fundamentele Methoden en Technieken van de Wiskunde 2005-2011, woordvoerder H. Van Maldeghem, lokale coordinator VUB E. Colebunders
  • Quantitative domains and models for average case execution time (FWO TM509) 2009-2013
  • Topological study of categories of modelled objects making use of closure operators (Function spaces, compactness and completeness in a metrically generated context) FWO TM311 2003-2007
  Editorial Activities
  • The special issue of Applied Categorical Structures devoted to the December 2005 conference "Aspects of Contemporary Topology II" (editors: M. Husek, H.-P. Kunzi, E. Colebunders, W. Tholen) vol 15, 2007
  • The special issue of Topology and its Applications devoted to the December 2009 conference "Aspects of Contemporary Topology IV" (editors: E. Colebunders, M. Husek, R. Lowen, W. Tholen) , DOI: 10.1016/j.topol.2011.01.003.
  • Aspects of Contemporary Topology I, International Workshop UA and VUB, December 2003, co-organizer with R. Lowen, M. Sioen
  • Aspects of Contemporary Topology II, International Workshop UA and VUB, December 2005, co-organizer with R. Lowen, M. Sioen
  • Monoidal Topology I, Mini Workshop Barisciano, Italy, April 2006
  • Monoidal Topology II, Mini Workshop Antwerp, December 2006, co-organizer with R. Lowen
  • Monoidal Topology III, Mini Workshop Antwerp, June 2007, co-organizer with R. Lowen
  • Aspects of Contemporary Topology III, International Workshop UA and VUB, December 2007, co-organizer with R. Lowen, M. Sioen, S. Verwulgen
  • Aspects of Contemporary Topology IV, International Workshop UA and VUB, December 2009, (Organizers: E. Colebunders, R. Lowen, M. Sioen)
  • Workshop on categorical topology, in honour of Eraldo Giuli on the occasion of his 70th birthday, Ponta del Gada, Azores, Portugal, March 18-20, 2010 (Member of the scientific committee)
  • Algebra meets topology: advances and applications, Conference in Honor of Dikran Dikranjan on his 60th birthday, Barcelona, Spain, 19-23 July, 2010
  • Multivalued analysis and topology, Varenna, Italy, July 18-22, 2011
  • Workshop on Category Theory, Coimbra, Portugal, July 9-13, 2012
  • Aspects of Contemporary Topology V, International Workshop in honour of Eva Colebunders on her 65th birthday, VUB and UA, september 2014, Organizers: R. Lowen, M. Sioen, G. Sonck
  PhD theses
  • Baekeland Rony, Measures of compactness and their application to convergence of probability measures, 1992. Promotor E. Colebunders, Co-promotor R. Lowen (UA).
  • Bogaerts Jan, Orders characterized by Wijsman continuous functions, 1993, Promotor J.P. Brans, Co-promotor E. Colebunders
  • Sonck Gert, Cartesisch geslotenheid en toepassingen op Ascoli-Arzela stellingen, 1997, Promotor E. Colebunders
  • Verbeeck Francis, The Category of Pre-approach Spaces, 2000. Promotor R. Lowen, Co-promotor E. Colebunders (VUB).
  • Van der Voorde Ann, Separation axioms in extension theory for closure spaces and their relevance in state property systems, 2001, Promotor E. Colebunders, Co-promotor D. Aerts
  • Deses Didier, Completeness and zerodimensionality arising from the duality between closures and lattices, 2003, Promotor E. Colebunders, Co-promotor D. Aerts
  • Claes Veerle, A study of function spaces and compactness for the category of affine sets and its subconstructs, 2004, Promotor E. Colebunders
  • Gerlo An, Separation, completeness and compactness in metrically generated theories, 2007, Promotor E. Colebunders
  • Vandersmissen Eva, Firm completions in metrically generated constructs, 2008, Promotor E. Colebunders, Co-promotor R. Lowen
  • De Wachter Sarah, Fixed point theorems via quantifying approach spaces on domains, VUB 2013, Promotor E. Colebunders, joint PhD University College Cork, Ireland, Promotor M. Schellekens
  • K. Van Opdenbosch: Approach theory in monoidal topology, start PhD 2013, VUB Promotor E. Colebunders, joint PhD University of Antwerp UA Promotor R. Lowen
  • Real numbers and set theory, 1st year Bachelor Mathematics
  • Analysis II, 2nd year Bachelors Mathematics and 2nd year Bachelor Physics
  • Topology I, 3rd year Bachelor Mathematics
  • Fundamentals of Mathematics, 1st year Master Mathematics VUB-UA
  • Categorical Topology, Master Mathematics VUB-UA
  • Capita Selecta Topology, Master Mathematics, interuniversity course

Homepage of the researchgroup ANTOP (Spokesperson Bob Lowen, UA)

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